Australia Flag : Meaning of Australia Flag

Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere. It is the sixth largest country in the world and is officially home to 25 million people. It consists of mainland Australia, region of Tasmania and several smaller groups of islands. Australian Flag consist of a defaced Blue Ensign which is derived from the flag of British- the Union Jack. Australian flag has gone through many modifications throughout history of the nation and the final design which is being used today was officially adopted in 1954.

Australia Flag Meaning


Australia flag consist of three elements: – The Union Jack, Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross. The Flag has a blue background upon which these three elements are situated. The Union Jack represents the British occupation, Common wealth Star represents the unity of  six states of Australia and finally the southern cross constituting five stars represent the constellation that can be only be seen on Australian Subcontinent. Primarily the Southern Cross depicts the Australian Landmass and its geography.

Australian Flag Image


Australian flag image has very huge number of uses in government as well as academic circles where it is used in important documents. Image of Australian Flag is available in our website in various formats like JPEG, PNG etc. You can download the images free of cost.

Australian Flag Emoji


Emojis are regularly used in the chats, messages to express feelings. Similarly if you want to use the Australian Flag Emoji to make your chat attractive you can download it from here. Use it while talking anything about Australia to make someone understand which country you are referring to.

Australia Flag Facts


Do you know original design of Australian Flag was selected through a Competition conducted in 1901? From more than 33,000 entries final design was selected by judges and the winning design was made by a school boy from Victorian province. The Flag was first flown on 3rd September 1901, above the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

Australian Flag is considered as the first flag chosen through a public competition. Before that, the flag of Australia was same as that of Britain

Australian Flag vs. New Zealand Flag


Australian and New Zealand, both have similar flags. Both were previous British territories, so they have the Union jack. Southern Cross is present in the both flags as the constellation can be seen from both the countries. However some differences are there, such as absence of a particular star in the Southern Cross. As you can see, the second last star is present in Australian flag while it is absent in the New Zealand one – this is because the views of the constellation differ in each country. New Zealand is situated more towards the South Pole hence the placement of constellation is different in the sky of New Zealand. This difference is presented in the flags.

One more significant difference is the complete absence of common wealth stars in lower left corner of New Zealand’s Flag as unlike the Australia; it doesn’t contain any significant territories outside its main landmass.


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