Aruba Flag: Meaning of Aruba Flag

Aruba is an island country present in the Southern Caribbean Sea. It is a constituent country under the rule of Netherlands. It is present near the coast of Venezuela and has a population of around 100,000.The country got its autonomy status in 1986. This means it is not an independent country, it is still under the monarch of Netherlands, but is free to choose its own leaders and local bodies. The country has its capital in Oranjestad.

That was about the country Aruba. Let’s talk about its flag Aruba Flag in the next section.

Aruba Flag


Aruba flag or Aruban flag is the official flag of the nation of Aruba. Flag consists of a light blue background along with two yellow thin stripes present in the lower half and a big red star present in the upper  left corner. The red star is four pointed. The light blue color used in the flag is also known as “Larkspur”. The current flag was officially adopted on March 18, 1976.The governor of the island, acting as a representative for the Monarch of Netherlands uses a flag which contains the mini circular version of the Aruba Flag in  it. Every year March 18 is celebrated as Flag Day in Aruba.

Aruba Flag Image


Aruba is a tiny island country in the South Caribbean Sea. It is a tourist destination and a colony of Netherlands. Many of us may have not seen its flag. That’s why I am presenting you with an Aruba Flag Image for you to see. You can download it if you like. It’s Free.

Aruba Flag Meaning



Aruba Flag consist of the blue background color along with two yellow line strips. The primary blue color represents the natural wonders normally associated with an island nation like sky and sea. Blue also denotes the peace and hope for a better future. The narrow strips meanwhile represent the movement towards its own status as an independent nation. The star refers to the island itself, with its red land and white beaches. The red color of the star represents the contribution of various communities and soldiers during wars. Finally white represents the purity and clean mind of the citizens.

Aruba Flag Color


Aruba Flag contains the blue background along with the two lower yellow layers. There is a red colored star present at the canton side.

Aruba Flag Emoji


Aruba Flag is a flag which showcases a nation searching for its identity in the world stage. It shows the struggle for making of the land. We have an Aruba Flag Emoji for you so that you can use it and appreciate this  nation efforts.

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