Armenia Flag: Meaning of Armenia Flag

Armenia is a small country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is bordered by countries like Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan etc. It is a landlocked country. It was a unified after the Russian revolution of 1918, and later became a founding member of Soviet Union. It later became independent after breaking of Soviet Union in 1991.The country now has a population of about 3 million according to 2013 census. The capital is in the city of Yerevan. It follows a form of parliamentary form of democracy.

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Armenia Flag


Armenia Flag also known as the Armenian Tricolor is the official flag for the country of Armenia. The flag consist of three horizontal stripes colored Red, Blue and Orange respectively. The third color orange is more called frankly as the color of Apricot. The current flag does not have any symbol and only three bands are present. The flag was officially adopted on 24 August 1990 and has been used since. Flag was designed by an Armenia academician, philologist and inventor Stepan Malkhasyants. The proportions of the flag are in the ratio of 1:2. This means the width is double the length of height.

Armenian history of flags is interesting. Previous empires used flags having various symbols consisting animals. Later during the period when Armenia was part of Soviet Union, the changes in the flag took place. It incorporated several socialist symbols such as sickle and star and a red background. This continued throughout the 20th Century till the Armenia’s Independence.

Armenia Flag Image


Armenia Flag is described in the previous section. If you want to see the flag, wait no more because here I have shared an Armenia Flag Image with you. You can download it if you like.

Armenia Flag Color


Armenia flag contains three primary colors Red, Blue and Orange. The colors are present in the order of Red in the upper part, Blue in the middle part and Orange in the lower part. The last color Orange is more often described as the color of Apricot as it looks like the skin of the fruit that grows in the region.

Armenia Flag Meaning


We saw the Armenia flag. Let’s talk about its meaning. The three primary colors are explained in many ways. The general explanation is that the red stands for the blood of Armenians who were killed in the Armenian genocide.  Blue is for the sky, and orange for the courage of people. The following definitions are explained by general observations. However, in the constitution of Armenia, the official explanation is given. The red is said to represent the Armenian highlands, its people and their struggle to hold the Christian faith. The blue symbolizes the freedom that Armenia people are enjoying now. The orange is explained as the color representing the hard work and talent of Armenian people.

Armenian Flag Emoji


We just love Emoji. Isn’t it? Anyways, for our users, I have presented a beautiful Armenia Flag Emoji. Download it and make your chat attractive.

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