Argentina Flag : Meaning of Argentina Flag

To all the soccer lovers out there, you will enjoy it. Do you know Lionel Messi? Of course everyone knows the soccer legend. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, you must have heard about him. Anyway, we are here to talk about the country- you guessed right, Argentina. Argentina is a South American nation situated at the southern part of continent South America. It is surrounded by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the north east and Atlantic Ocean to the east. It has a population of 43 million and all of it live on the eighth largest occupied area in the world. The capital is Buenos Aires.

Now let’s come to our favorite topic of flags. Many of you have already seen Argentina’s Flag. Let’s have a discussion on the same below.

Argentina Flag


Argentina Flag is the official flag and ensign of Argentina. It is used by Government, Public and everyone alike. Argentina Flag consists of three horizontal stripes containing two colors. Those colors are Blue and White. The upper and lower stripes are of blue color while the middle is in white color. It was designed by a person named Manuel Belgrano and was first flown on February 27, 1812 in the city of Rosario during the Argentine War of Independence. The flag also contain a symbol called the “Sun of May” which includes a Sun with a face and various rays emitting from it. The Sun of May was added to the Argentine Flag in 1818.

There are two versions of the Argentina Flag, one with the sun which is known as Official Ceremonial Flag or Bandera Official de Ceremonia and other without the sun known as Ornamental Flag or Bandera de Ornato. The dimensions of the Flag are in the ratio of 9:14.

Argentina Flag Image


Argentina Flag is very famous because of the one thing i.e. Soccer. Every Soccer watching fan has saw the country’s Flag. Anyway, as per my style I will present you an image of Argentina Flag. You can download it.

Argentina Flag Meaning


Argentina flag contains two primary colors, White and Blue and the Sun of May is in yellow (I mentioned yellow because most of the suns which are present in flags are colored red or dark orange). According to history, the man who created the flag, Manuel Belgrano was a devote Catholic. So the use of color blue and white can be traced to the catholic texts which give the colors Marian Devotions. Anyway, traditionally blue represents freedom while white represents the purity. Concerning the symbol, Sun of May denotes to the Sun during the May month, in which Independence took place.

Argentina Flag Color


Argentina Flag c has the colors blue and white along with a simple in the middle known as Sun of May. You can see the image of Argentina flag in the previous section.

Argentina Flag Emoji


Now it is the time for Emoji (as always). So here is a beautiful Argentina Flag Emoji. Use it when you like. It’s free.

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