Angola Flag: Meaning of Angola Flag

Angola is a country in Southern Africa. It is the seventh largest country in the Southern African continent and has a population of about 25 million. It is surrounded by several countries including Namibia, Congo, Zambia and Atlantic Ocean to its west. It was a former Portuguese Colony and and gained independence in 1975. Its capital is in Luanda.

That was about the country of Angola; let us discuss the Angolan Flag in next section.

Angola Flag


Angolan Flag also known as Angolan Flag is the official national flag of Angola. The Angolan flag consists of two horizontal stripes with the upper half of red color and lower half of black color. At the middle of the flag and resting at the connection of two colors, is a symbol officially called the National Emblem.

The National Emblem is made up of Machete and a half Gear grouped with a star which is present at the ending of Machete. The current flag has its origin from the flag used during the liberation of Angola by the ruling party of Angola. When Portuguese were driven out of the country, the flag was officially adopted with some modifications. The flag used during the Popular Movement of the Liberation of Angola was slightly different from the current flag. Instead of an emblem, it contained only a single star.

The proportion of the current flag is 2:3 and it was officially adopted in 11th November 1975, just after Angolan Independence.

Angola Flag Color



Angola Flag consist of two primary colors and is designed in horizontal stripes fashion. The upper part is red while the lower one is black. The national emblem consisting of a half gear, a star and a machete is present at the middle. For Angola Flag Meaning refer to the next section.

Angola Flag Image


In previous section we discussed about the country Angola and knew some details about it. Let’s see how the actual flag looks like. Here I have supplied the Angola Flag Image, so take a view. You can download the image if you like as these images are available free of cost.

Angola Flag Meaning


Colors used in the Angola Flag have their unique meaning. According to the Angolan Constitution, Red half represents the bloodshed during the freedom struggle while the Black half represents the black people and their struggle against numerous colonial powers. Coming to National Emblem, the machete represents the peasantry and the workers population, while the star represents the Socialist Ideology which the nation acquired from the former Soviet Union. There was a huge role of Soviet Union in the independence of Angola.

Angola Flag Emoji



So, how was the article? We discussed about the Country of Angola and got to know about its freedom movement. It’s time we sign off the day. But before going I am giving you a Angola Flag Emoji. Use it anywhere you like. It’s Free!! .

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