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Andorra is a very tiny country. It’s so tiny you can’t see it in the world map, much less locate it. It is present between France and Spain. If you try to see it in the world map, and I mean really try to see it (OK, I will not talk about its size again, ha-ha) you can see it sandwiched between the much bigger states of France and Spain. No doubt, population is paltry 77,000 according to 2016 census and nearly all of it resides in the capital city of Andorra la Vella. The official language is Catalan.

We will discuss more about the Andorran Flag in the next topic.

Andorra Flag


Andorra Flag is the national Andorran flag. Yeah, I know but have to follow the same writing style. Anyway, Andorran Flag consists of vertical tricolor design consisting of colors blue, yellow and red. The National coat of Arms is present in the middle of the flag which is a unique design. The Proportion of dimensions is 7:10. That means for every 7 units of height, it has 10 units of width. The Flag design is motivated by flags of several nations like France, Spain etc. The middle portion of the flag is derived from the old Catalan flag.  The coat of arms is derived from a old empire in the region and have an inscribed motto which reads “Virtvs Vnita Fortior” which means “Virtue United Is Stronger”. There we have some deep meaning words.

The current flag was adopted in 1866.

Andorra Flag Image


So we had a talk about somewhat tiny (I swear, this was the last time I will be writing “tiny”) nation of Andorra and knew about its flag. I bet unless you are living in Europe or some sort of genius person who has knowledge about everything in this universe, you hadn’t even heard about the Andorra previously. Anyway, let’s have a look at the Andorra Flag.

Andorra Flag Meaning


Andorra Flag consists of blue, yellow and red. All these colors are associated with different meanings. There is no official meaning of colors but general observations are that all these represent the unity and bravery of Andorran People. This observation also has a valid reason since the motto of the Andorra clearly calls for the unity of people, as seen on its flag. Concerning the coat of arms which is derived from the Catalan Empire is a traditional symbol that only serves as a unique identity for the nation.

Andorra Flag Emoji


So how was the discussion about this tiny nation? Well for all the Andorran Users out there who are viewing this post, don’t be offended. Your country is unique. Despite being present close to some of the largest neighbors, you have succeeded to maintain your identity. I think that is a commendable achievement. Here is an Andorrian Flag Emoji for all of you.


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