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Algeria is a country situated in North Africa. Also know as People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, it is has a population of about 40 million. Geographically, it is surrounded northeast by Tunisia, east by Libya, south east by Mali and north by Mediterranean Sea. It covers tenth largest land area in the world and follows a Semi-Presidential form of Democracy. A country full of natural resources like natural gas, it is considered as an influential power in South African continent. Its capital city is Algiers.

Algerian Flag, which is the official flag of country, is the primary ensign of the Government of Algeria. More discussion of the Algerian Flag and its meaning is done below.

Algeria Flag


Algeria Flag is the national flag of Algeria. It consists of two bars each colored green and white along with a crescent moon and a star inside it. Both the crescent moon and star are colored white and present at the center of the flag. The current design of flag has been designed from the Barbary pirates of the Ottoman Empire that were active in the seas. They used the crescent along with several modifications. There were of different sizes and the primary colors were different in each version. Some used light colors while others used darker ones. Darker ones were more popular during the time as it signifies death- a meaning that pirates wanted to convey to their enemies. Today, the Algerian Flag is being flown by government offices, various institutions and other complexes. All the ships spot the official Algerian Flag while the Algerian Navy uses a modified one.

Current flag that is being used today was adopted on 3rd July 1962.

Algerian Flag Image


So did you like it? No doubt the pirates used the Crescent moon to terrorize their enemies. Just think of those times, when seas were not safe. Those one eyed and one legged pirates (I am describing them in the way I have seen them on TV) who attacked merchant ships and killed people for a loot. Those were some hard times. Anyway, let’s have a look on the Algerian Flag.  You can download it if you want.

Algerian Flag Meaning


There is no official meaning of the flag or its colors. But since the Crescent, Star and colors are frequently used in the Islam, observers point out that the colors act as a reference to the Islam which is the state religion of Algeria.

Algerian Flag Color


Algerian Flag consists of two primary colors green and white with a Red Crescent moon and star present inside it. The symbols represent Islam Religion.

Algerian Flag Emoji



So once again, we have come to an end in our discussion and it’s time for an Emoji. Here is the Emoji I have posted. Download or share, whatever you want.

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