Albania Flag : Meaning of Albania Flag

Albania is a small country in the Southeastern Europe with a population of 3 million.  The country follows a parliamentary form of government. The current day Albania emerged in 1912, after the Balkan wars. Before then, the country was a part of Ottoman Empire. It is a relatively tiny country with a small land area. The majority of the county is covered with mountains with some cities having the majority of the population. Official Capital is Tirana, which is also the largest city in the nation.

Albanian Flag is the official ensign of the Government of Albania and is flown in official institutions as well as in personal capacity. More details about the Albanian Flag is given below.

Albania Flag


Albania flag or Albanian Flag is the official flag adopted by the country of Albania. It was first adopted as the national flag in 1912. The flag mainly consists of a red background with a black double headed eagle at the center. The double headed eagle was burrowed from the Byzantine Empire, where it was used by the nobles. The coat of arms represented by the double headed eagle became famous when it was used during the successful revolution against Ottoman Empire. With the unification in 1479, the new formed state of Albania reintroduced the double headed eagle design. During the following years, flag was modified several times which includes addition of crown during the Italian occupation of Albania and the addition of Star during the World War.

Albania Flag Color


Albania Flag contains a primary color of red with a unique symbol represented by a double headed eagle present in the middle. The various meanings and ideology of colors is discussed below.

Albania Flag Image


We learn about the country and its association with the Ottoman Empire. We learned about its flag and its color. Let me show you an Albanian Flag flying across the blue sky in its full glory.

Albanian Flag Meaning


Albania Flag has a primary color of Red. It covers the whole flag.  There are various meanings of Red in a flag including bravery, strength and valor. The red is use to display the power and the bravery of the former empire. Double Headed eagle represents the state (and its sovereignty). The eagle is the prominent sign of early Albanian Empire.

Albanian Flag Emoji


As always the case, after the discussion of a particular country, I present you with an Emoji. So here is this, the Albanian Flag Emoji for you. Isn’t it beautiful? Go ahead and download it.


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