Afghanistan Flag : Meaning of Afghanistan Flag

Afghanistan is a country which is situated between Central and South Asia. Despite having a rich history and culture, the nation has not lived to its potential yet and faces many problems. Having a population of 35 million that has seen some of the cruelest modern day wars, the country faces some serious challenges ahead. Geographically, it is a landlocked country surrounded by various countries from all sides. Pakistan is in east and Iran at the west along with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan lying on the north. Official religion is Islam and the form of government is parliamentary democracy.

Afghanistan Flag or Afghan flag is the flag adopted by the country. More about the flag is discussed in the next section.

Afghanistan Flag


Afghanistan flag is the official flag representing the country of Afghanistan. The current flag was officially adopted in August 19, 2103 after the majority of NATO campaign ended in the country. With the formation of a new democratic government, the flag was strictly enforced and is now the official ensign of Afghan Government. The current flag is based on various previous designs that have been used thought the history. Before the current flag, as many as 26 flags were used previously.

Afghanistan Flag is of a tri-color design with the primary colors of black, red and green along with the National Emblem that is present in the middle. The National Emblem is a symbol used by the official government and is used as a Presidential Standard. The Middle symbol consists of a mosque, a sign of Islam along with a white band.

Afghanistan Flag Color


Afghanistan Flag contains three colors and follows a three stripes design. The colors are black, red and green along with the National emblem. A band surrounds the Emblem and is white in color.

Afghanistan Flag Meaning


Afghanistan Flag contains three colors: – Black, Red and Green. The Black Color represents the history of Afghanistan as a region of power struggle in 19th Century. Red represents the blood that was shed by the war heroes who fought for afghan freedom. Lastly, the green represents the hope and prosperity, which the country wants to achieve in the future. Apart from the primary colors, the emblem can be explained by the nature of the country i.e. Islamic.  Hence the representation of mosque in the National Emblem.

Afghanistan Flag Emoji


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