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India is rightly called a diverse country. This South Asian Country is home to whopping 1.2 Billion People all living in the 7th largest land area in world. Consisting of main Indian Subcontinent along with several surrounding group of islands, these country speaks more than 1600 dialects. Considered as a major military and economical power of the future, it has a rich history behind it which has greatly shaped the Indian society and the Indian nation as a whole in modern times. The land of origin of various world religions, India is considered as the birthplace of various spiritual and technical achievements of man.

Indian Flag


Indian Flag is a tricolor consisting of three colors; Saffron, White and Green with a wheel called “Ashok Chakra” consisting of 24 spokes in the middle. The whole flag is divided into three strips horizontally with saffron at the top, white at the middle and green at the bottom. The flag is based on the Swaraj Flag, used by the Congress Party before Independence. The current flag was first adopted at a meeting of Constituent Assembly on 22nd July 1947 and formally made official on 15th August 1947; the day on which country got freedom the British Rule. The Indian Flag is made of khadi a derivative of cotton.

India Flag Colors Meaning


The various Colors of Indian Flag hold different meanings. Saffron denotes the renunciation and unity among diverse group of people. White in the middle denotes the purity and integrity of people to hold certain values among them. White also symbolizes the knowledge and cleanliness that is in the mind of Indian people. The third color green represents the fertility and prosperity of the nation. It also represents the Agriculture and its relation to the Indian people as a livelihood.

Ashok Chakra, the spoke and wheel symbol present in the middle portion of the flag is derived from a Indian King named Ashoka who used the chakra as an emblem of his empire. The chakra symbolizes courage, bravery and self sacrifice for the goodwill of nation. It basically conveys the meaning that truth prevails all.

Originally, the three color design was chosen as the flag of India. The design had a charkha, a cotton spindle in the place of Ashok Chakra. The charkha was later dropped.

Indian Flag Image


Different Flag images are available in our website that you can download and use according to your needs. These are available in different formats such as JPEG, PNG as well as other formats.

Indian Flag Emoji


To see one’s nation flag is a matter of proud feeling. Likewise, Indian Flag shows us how it represents a country which is build upon some valuable principles and million’s sacrifice. Here is an Indian Flag Emoji.

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