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Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Greece. Since the first human settlement, it has been ruled by several rulers and dynasties. It was placed under British rule in 1878 and was made a British colony in 1918. It was granted independence in 1960. After independence, it was claimed by both Greece and Turkey. This resulted in several clashes between the supporters of the two countries. Finally in 1983, following a joint declaration a separate Turkish state of Cyprus was made. Today, it is a developed country with a developed economy and high Human Development Index. The capital is Nicosia.

Cyprus Flag


Cyprus Flag is the official flag and ensign of Cyprus. It consists of a white field with a map of Cyprus colored in orange present inside it. Two olive branches are placed under the map. It was developed by an art teacher and first officially adopted on 16th August 1960. The design used symbols that were considered neutral at that time because of the rivalry between Turkish and Greek communities. The use of olive branches can also be attributed to the same reason as above. The proportion for the current flag is 2:3.

Cyprus Flag Image


Cyprus Flag is designed as two create harmony between two communities. A flag should be like this. It should promote peace and harmony. Anyway, here is the Cyprus Flag Image.

Cyprus Flag Colors


Cyprus Flag contains a white field along with a map of Cyprus colored in the orange present on it. There are also two green colored olive branches under the map.

Cyprus Flag Meaning


The position of Cyprus as an independent state has been a matter of much debate. After the independence, both major communities, Turkish and Greek wanted to join their origin nation. This led to various clashes between the two communities and a huge dislike of each other. To prevent a civil war and create unity among the communities, a flag was designed which was not seen as favorable to any one of them. The two olive branches denote the two communities and white colored field is a sign of peace between them. Furthermore, the map shows the whole of Cyprus giving out a message of nationalism and unity. The color orange used in the map shows the copper deposits, which are common in the island.

Cyprus Flag Emoji


Here we are at the end of this article and once again I have an Emoji to give you. Here I have posted a Cyprus Flag Emoji.

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