Curacao Flag : Meaning of Curacao Flag

Curacao is an island country lying north of South American coast in the Caribbean Sea. It is about 65 kilometers from the coast of Venezuela.  It was formerly part of a common colony under the rule of Netherlands. It gained autonomy in 10th October 2010 and is now an independent country in the Kingdom of Netherlands. It has an estimated population of about 160,000 which lives in an area of 444 square kilometers. It now follows a democratic form of government and has its capital in Willemstad.

Curacao Flag


Curacao flag consists of a blue colored field along with a horizontal strip of yellow color with two white colored stars at the upper left corner of the flag. The star which is nearer to the corner is slightly smaller than the other one. The flag was first adopted on 2nd July 1984. It was designed by Martin den Dulk, who presented the design at a competition for the selection of national flag. Before that Curacao did not have any of its own flags and used the Netherlands Flag.  The proportions of the stripes are in the ratio of 5:1:2. The national flag and governor standard are slightly different. The later contains strips of red, white and blue along with the circular form of Curacao Flag.

Curacao Flag Image


Curacao Flag Image is posted here for the sake of understanding of users. You can see how the flag looks like in the real life. If you want to keep this picture, you are free to download. It’s completely free.

Curacao Flag Colors

Curacao Flag contains a blue field along with a yellow cored horizontal strip that is present at approximately just below the half height of the flag. There are also two 5 pointed stars presented at the upper left corner of the flag. The stars are different in size; one of them slightly bigger than the other. They are both colored white.

Curacao Flag Meaning


Curacao Flag contains colors of blue, yellow and white. As seen in various flags of island countries, blue symbolizes Sky and yellow represents the Sun. Two stars represent the two main islands of Curacao and Klein Curacao. These are also considered as the symbols of love and happiness. The five points of the star represent the five continents, origins of the country’s population.

Curacao Flag Emoji


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