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Colombia is a country in South America. It is bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. The country has an estimated population of about 49 million which lives in a land area of about one million square kilometers.  The country was first discovered by the Spanish in 1499 and colonization followed. The independence happened in 1819. However, all the regions could not be united and it became a republic only in 1886. The country suffered an armed conflict and several wars followed after that. The country became relatively stable aftermath of 2005 and is now peaceful. It is very culturally diversified country and has a booming economy. The capital city is Bogotá.

Colombia Flag


Colombia Flag is the national flag and ensign of Colombia. The flag follows a tricolor design pattern with yellow at the top, blue at the middle and red at the bottom. The upper yellow band covers almost half of the flag area. The current flag was adopted on November 26, 1861. The ratio of the current flag is 2:3.

The current flag was derived from the flag of Gran Colombia, a state which comprised of Colombia and Ecuador. Both the flags are considered as the product of that flag as they share the same tri-color design where the first band occupies the double area of the lower two.

Colombia Flag Colors


Colombia Flag uses a tricolor design which includes yellow, blue and red. The upper portion is yellow followed by the blue and last band is colored red.

Colombia Flag Image


Ever seen the famous television series Narcos? If you have, there is a huge chance that you have already seen a Colombian flag. The series is based on the life of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug smuggler. However, if you haven’t then don’t worry. I am posting here a Colombia Flag Image.

Colombia Flag Meaning


The primary colors used in the Colombia Flag are yellow, blue and red. The colors are said to represent the wealth and the natural resources of Colombia. Blue refers to the sea, inland rivers and various lakes that are present in Colombian Mainland. Finally, the red represents the bloodshed which happened during the various wars for Colombian Independence. Besides these meanings, colors are also interpreted in various other ways like blue for loyalty, red for victory and yellow for justice.

Colombia Flag Emoji



As usual, I am here posting a Colombia Flag Emoji so that you can use it. The Emoji is the best way to express something and a flag Emoji is best for depicting a country. So use it freely.

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