Central African Republic Flag : Meaning of Central African Republic Flag

The central African Republic is a country in Central Africa. It is present at the center of Africa, hence the country name. It covers an area of 622,984 square kilometers were an estimated 4.5 million population lives. The country was first colonized by the French in the late 19th century. The country gained its independence in 1960 and saw various autocratic regimes and even a monarchy. In 1993, it held its first general election which was not effective. The country is still facing civil war and there is not a stable government. Its capital is Bangui.

Central African Republic Flag


Central African Republic Flag is the official national flag of the country. It has four horizontal stripes and a middle vertical stripe. The four horizontal stripes are colored blue, white, green and yellow while the middle stripe is colored red. A single big yellow star is present at the canton of the flag. The current flag was adopted in 1st December 1958. The current flag is in the ratio of 2:3.

Central African Republic Flag Colors


The flag contains six colors. The four horizontal stripes are colored yellow, white, green and yellow. The middle stripe which is vertical is in red color. A yellow star having five points is present at the upper left corner.

Central African Republic Flag Image


Here I have posted a Central African Republic Flag Image that you can see. The designs are arranged in a unique way and symbolize different meanings.

Central African Republic Flag Meaning


The colors are chosen especially for pointing out the unity of France and the African nation. The blue and white are taken from French Flag while the green and yellow are traditional African Colors. The red colors stripe which is present in the middle connects both the communities. The yellow star signifies the independence of the African nation. The Flag colors are chosen to depict the similarities between the two communities and as well as the shared history between them.

Central African Republic Flag Emoji


After discussion of the flag of Central African Republic, it’s time for an Emoji. So here I present you a Central African Republic Flag Emoji.

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