Bhutan Flag : Meaning of Bhutan Flag

Bhutan is a landlocked country in the Himalayas Region. It is bordered by India and China. The country which is nestled in the Himalayas has never been colonized in its history and is an ancient kingdom. Monarchy was the form of government till 2008, when it adopted a constitution and conducted its first election. It has very warm relations with India, which helps it in developing of its economy and provides it with external security. The country has an estimated population of 800,000 and has its capital in the city of Thimphu.

Let us discuss about the Bhutan Flag in the next section.

Bhutan Flag


Bhutan or Bhutanese Flag is the official flag and ensign of Bhutan. The current flag first appeared in 1969 and in 1972, the design was finalized and it was made the standard flag of the nation.  Proportions are in the ratio of 2:3, which means for every two units of height, the width is said at 3 units. The design of the current flag includes two primary colors yellow and orange, each occupying a space which is derived from diagonally cutting the flag from the lower hoist side to the upper fly side. Two triangles thus obtained are of color Yellow (upper one) and Orange (lower one). Apart from the above described design the flag also has a white dragon, known as Druk in the Bhutanese Mythology in the middle.

The original flag had a green Druk which was changed in 1949 to the current white one. Several modifications were done in subsequent years including the size change inspired by the Indian Flag.

Bhutan Flag Color


Bhutan Flag consists of two triangles formed by a diagonal line cutting the flag from lower hoist side to the higher fly side. The upper triangle is colored yellow while the lower triangle is colored orange. It also has a dragon symbol called Druk in the middle and is colored white.

Bhutan Flag Image


Bhutan Flag make use of light colors. It features a dragon, which is a unique part of Buddhism and incorporates the design very beautifully. I have a Bhutanese Flag Image that you can see. It’s free and yeah, you can download it.

Bhutan Flag Meaning

The colors yellow and orange depict the civil and spiritual traditions of Bhutan. The placement of dragon in equal proportion of yellow and orange shows the equal importance given to these traditions in the Bhutanese culture. The white color of dragon shows the purity of thoughts of Bhutanese People. The jewel in the claw of dragon represents the country’s wealth and the snarling mouth shows the commitment of deities to protect the kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan Flag Emoji


Do you know that Bhutan was the first country where Gross national Happiness was calculated? The idea behind the system was to calculate the happiness of people instead of their health because the wealth of the people doesn’t determine their happiness.  Anyways besides the above fact, Bhutan has many of the firsts under its wings. Here is a Bhutan Flag Emoji that you can use.

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