Belize Flag: Meaning of Belize Flag

Belize or formerly known as the British Honduras is a country in the eastern coast of Central America. It is an independent Commonwealth Realm which means it has the monarch of the Commonwealth as its head of the government. However, the government is formed by the elected representatives and decisions and policies are made by these people only. Geographically, it is bordered by Mexico in the northern part, Guatemala in the south and west and Caribbean Sea in the eastern part. The country has an estimated population of 388,000 which lives in an area of 22,800 square kilometers. It is a tourist attraction and has its capital in the city of Belmopan.

The Belize Flag is discussed below.

Belize Flag


The Belize flag is the official flag and ensign of the Belize. It consists of a royal blue field with two red thin lines at the top and bottom edges along with the middle white disc having the national coat of arms. The national coat of arms consists of two men, one of brown complexion and other of black complexion holding an axe and an oar respectively standing before a tree with an emblem having signs of different tools in the upper part and a ship in the lower part. The current flag was adopted on 21st September 1981, on the eve of independence of the Belize. The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 2:3. The coat of arms, besides having the two men, tree and emblem also has a sentence inscribed which reads “Umbra Floreo” meaning “Under the Shade I Flourish”.

Belize Flag Color


Belize Flag consists of a blue field with two red strips at the top and bottom edges along with the white disc containing national coat of arms in the middle. The national coat of arms consist of a two men with a tree, each holding an instrument along with the emblem and inscribed words in front of them; all contained in a green band made up of leaves.

Belize Flag Image


That was quite a description for a flag. Anyway, it is hard to imagine the flag only through words and hence there is a need of an image. Here I present you a Belize Flag Image. See it and judge how much of the appearance you got right at first before seeing this image?

Belize Flag Meaning

The colors on the flag represent the country’s national parties with the blue field belonging to the party which is in power and red strips represent the opposition. The national coat of arms depicts the logging industry for which the Belize was primarily used.

Belize Flag Emoji


It’s time for the flag Emoji that I know you are anxiously waiting for. So here is the Belize Flag Emoji you can use (among others).

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