Belarus Flag: Meaning of Belarus Flag

Belarus also known as Republic of Belarus is a landlocked country in European Continent. It is bordered by the Russia in northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. It occupies a land area of about 207,600 square miles and has an estimated population of about 9.5 million people. After the Russian revolution of 1917, Belarus declared independence but that was short lived as it was again conquered by the Soviet Union in 1922. After the Soviet Union dissolution in 1991, Belarus declared independence once again 25th August 1991. It has since followed a democratic form of government and has its capital in Minsk.

Belarus Flag is discussed below.

Belarus Flag


Belarus Flag is the ensign and national flag of Belarus. It consists of two horizontal stripes in the ratio of 1:2 and colored red and green. A red and white pattern which is in vertical shape is present at the hoist end. The current flag was officially adopted on June 7, 1995. The current flag was last modified in 2012, when the pattern was made thicker. The proportion of dimensions of the flag is 1:2. The current design was inspired from the flag used during the Soviet era. The communist symbols were removed and the ornamental pattern color was reversed. Previously, it was white on red but now it is red on white.

Belarus Flag Color


Belarus flag consists of two primary colors – red and green. The red is the bigger portion present in the upper part while the green is used in the smaller portion present in the lower part.

Belarus Flag Image


Well, we learn about the country of Belarus and its flag. Now I present you with a Belarus Flag Image so that you can see yourself how it looks like in real world.

Belarus Flag Meaning


Belarus flag contains the colors red and green along with the floral pattern. The floral pattern was derived from the local flowers and was first designed by a woman named Matrona Markevich in 1917. The pattern is native to the culture of Belarus and is often seen in the traditional clothes. The floral pattern was first added in the Belarus SSR flag in 1951.

Belarus Flag Emoji


Belarus Flag was discussed in great detail in the upper sections. Now it’s time for n Emoji. So here I present you with a Belarus Flag Emoji. It is completely free and easy to download.

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